There is no feeling quite like the sun on your face and the sea breeze in your hair as you set off for adventure down to the beach. The Electric MOKE is the perfect vehicle to be driven to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, alongside the crystal-clear waters and white sand typical of the beaches of the Balearics.

The first road-legal Electric MOKE was launched in 2022, limiting impact on the environment and helping to protect oceans and beaches from global warming. MOKE continues to support its global charity partner, the Blue Marine Foundation, on conservation of the world’s ocean and marine life. In fact, two MOKES were auctioned at the 2022 Monaco boat show, raising €250k each for the foundation.

MOKE is the first automotive brand from the 1960’s to go 100% electric. Designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK as a brand-new vehicle, MOKE is ideal for the islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza, for people who have time to chill, take it slow and enjoy life’s journey.

The Balearics authorities are actively promoting the implementation of EV’s in every field. By 2030 the aim is 70% electric passenger cars and 50% electric rental cars. There is significant investment in charging infrastructure and numerous incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles. Free parking in ‘Blue Zones’ and discounted road taxes are both under consideration. We are proud to be supporting and helping to protect the Balearics’ mobility solutions with the introduction of the Electric MOKE.

Electric MOKEs qualify for a Bonus UEA 2021 grant of €7000, for cars registered in the same name for 2 years*

*as at Jan 2024, individual conditions apply.

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